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Sustainability Booklet

As Christians we have a responsibility to look after God's world. We have a responsibility to respond to Climate Change. We have a responsibility to do something about the rise in global temperature!

You may think: "What good can my small actions do?" BUT if everybody makes small changes then the result is a huge change. Small actions add up! We all have the power to make changes.

The Sustainability Booklet is a documemnt which tells us, or reminds us, of all these small actions we can take. You may well be carrying out some of the changes,but human nature usually means that after a time we forget. We need to make these changes part of changing our lifestyle. We need to embed them in our subconscious, so that they become automatic actions. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all these small changes.

Click on the button below to view the document.

We don't pretend that this booklet is all-encompassing. If you think that we have missed out something that you think is important, please let us know.

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