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  • Peter Horrocks

Coronavirus and all that!

Well, it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster hasn’t it over the last three months? Some people have enjoyed the lockdown and some haven’t. For those who have lost jobs or income I can guess that it’s been a nightmare. Worse than that some have lost loved family members. – and that’s worse because they probably haven’t been able to say their last goodbyes to them, the funerals have been delayed and, even when they have taken place, very limited numbers of people have been able to attend.

Being ‘confined to barracks’ has for some been very trying and for some has been a release. Some have been bored and some have even become mentally ill. On the other hand, some have been able to take up new pastimes, have been able to take more exercise and some gardens are looking really smart!! My garage has never looked so tidy – I can walk down to the end now!

Is there a chink of light at the end of the tunnel? We are starting to get some relaxation of the lockdown rules. When will we be able to go for a coffee? When will be able to go to the cinema? When will we be able to go to a football match? When will we be able to go back to church?

BUT - do we want everything to simply go back to how it was before Covid-19? The reduced traffic, the peace and quiet, the reduced pollution the reduced spend on petrol, the ability to work from home, the need NOT to physically have to go to meetings – have all been rather nice! Good for us and good for the health of the world in terms of climate change.

As Christians we have always had our light at the end of the tunnel. We have had Jesus walking with us and pointing the way – even in the worst of times he has been and will be there. It’s a huge reassurance, I can tell you. God made this planet, God loves this planet, God loves you and me – no matter what! He looks out for us even when things look really bleak.

What more can we ask for in the future?

Join us for our Online services, listen to our prayers – I hope you get some consolation and some hope for the future.

May God go with you all.


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