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Eco Web links

Websites with a Christian and Eco content

The Money saving Guide to going green at home

Recommended by Ms. Platt & Jessica, Jocelyn, Adam, and Madalyn ( Eco students)

Here you will find information on:

How to reduce water usage at home

Tips for sustainable landscaping and gardening

Conservation tips for kids and teens

Tips for saving money on environmenatlly friendly products

Stratford-upon-Avon Methodist Church

A church with Gold Eco Church status -

A Guide to Green Shopping

Recommended by Amelia from the USA

Article includes a great breakdown on sustainable shopping practices, buying green, buying local, FairTrade, reducing and re-using, etc


A Rocha

Christian conservation group –

Climate stewards 

helping to offset your carbon footprint -

Green Christian

Operation Noah

Working on climate change –

John Ray Institute 

Working on the interface of faith and science in relation to the climate –


A project to help Churches address creation care – lots of helpful resources -

Christian Aid

Coming at climate change from a development point of view -


They are campaigning on climate change –


Have resources on the environment and climate -

Other organisations

There are many other organisations working in this area e.g. Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Refill (working on plastics) Surfers Against Sewage (also working on plastics) and local groups such as Avon Wildlife Trust, Bathscape, Repair Café, Transition Bath, the protest group Extinction Rebellion and …….. lots more.

United Nations Climate Change

Carbon Footprint

You might want to calculate your Carbon Footprint. There are many websites offering that facility:

World Wildlife Fund

Carbon Footprint

360 Carbon

For churches and organisations -

Only available when embedded in other peoples’ websites e.g. Arocha

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